Remote Monitoring For DSRT (For Windows-NT/2000)


We have extended DSRT to build a Remote Monitoring System. The purpose of this is to allow a number of DSRT servers running on machines connected by a network (like a LAN) to be monitored. This will allow clients to know about the availability of CPU on different machines and hence allow them to decide where to execute. We do not deal with the movement of processes. (That would be entirely different area). The API exported to clients of DSRT has been extended to allow them to use distributed monitoring. Either DSRT clients can make use of the new API or a there is GUI based program that can provide information about every DSRT server running. 

The monitoring system in built into DSRT itself and so does not require any additional software or servers to be running. This is the main benefit of this monitoring system.

We also provide a CORBA based monitoring mechanism to be used in the Gaia smart room space. There is a CORBA server which gets information from the various DSRT servers and CORBA clients can query this server.

Current Available Documentation

The design document for the remote monitoring system (in zipped ps format)

We currently use this in the FocusAware VoD system.


The software (with instructions) is available for Windows2000. A Linux port should come later.


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