TEEVE Project

TEEVE: Tele-immersive Environment for EVErybody



  • [Sep 2012] TEEVE project member Wanmin Wu has won the best SIGMM PhD Dissertation Award. In this work, she documents fundamental work in the area of unifying systems and user-centric approaches to managing information flows for supporting 3D tele-immersive environments. She has developed a theoretical framework for modeling and measuring QoE, and for correlating QoE with Quality-of-Service (QoS) in distributed multi-modal interactive environments. This work has been significant in that it introduced the importance of the user-centric approach to modelling and managing complex three-dimensional data exchanges in time-constrained systems
  • [Dec 2011] Our paper "Color-plus-Depth Level-of-Detail in 3D Tele-immersive Video: A Psychophysical Approach" has been selected as the best student paper in ACM Multimedia 2011.
  • [Feb 2011] TEEVE has a demo for the children from the Science and Engineering Club of the Countryside School.
  • [Apr 2010] TEEVE has a demo in the Illinois Engineering Open House (EOH).
  • [June 2009] The portable TEEVE system had a successful presentation on Intel Research Day at Mountain View, CA. The project was then featured on several national articles such as Wired, Forbes, and Wall Street Journal.
  • [May 2009] TEEVE has a public gallery!
  • [April 2009] TEEVE is on Twitter!
  • [April 2009] We had a successful performance in Krannert Center for the Performing Arts. Check out the video clip.
  • [April 2009] Our work appears in the proceedings of NOSSDAV, ICDCS, IMMERSCOM, and ICME in 2009.
  • [2008] Our work appeared in the proceedings of ACM Multimedia, IEEE Multimedia, ICME, ED-MEDIA, ICDCS, and AAAI in 2008.
  • [Januray 2008] Check out some new video clips at our collaborators' website at UC Berkeley.
  • [December 2007] We are on BBC News (Youtube snippet)!
  • [July 2007] We had one full paper, two short papers, and a video demo accepted by ACM Multimedia (MM'07), a top-tier conference in multimedia. Check out our publications!
  • [December 2006] We had a successful public performance between UC Berkeley and UIUC (Read more...).

Media Coverage of TEEVE

At the Monet group in UIUC we work on the emerging tele-immersive 3D multi-camera room environments. These environments allow us to engage in distributed physical activities such as physical therapy, sport activities, and entertainment.

Such environments need 3D multi-camera setups at the sending side and multi-display setups at the receiving side connected via appropriate network infrastructure. They also pose a large number of challenging research questions.

  • What are the next generation of system architectures that allow to build these environments in a flexible manner, with COTS components and for a broader audience?
  • What are the compression algorithms required for 3D video transfer?
  • What are the user models?
  • What are the adaptive control mechanisms that are required for the multi-camera, multi-display TEEVE environment.

We are building a cross-layer control and streaming framework over general purpose delivery infrastructure, called TEEVE (Tele-immersive Environment for Everybody). We tackle problems such as capturing, reconstructing and displaying 4D content, and coordination, synchronization and QoS-enabled delivery of tele-immersive 3D visual streams to remote room(s) over Internet 2.

The first experiments of TEEVE and few other next generation architectures are encouraging, as we start to sustain communication of up to 12 3D streams with several frames per second (e.g., TEEVE can reach around 5 frames per second) over Internet 2. However a lot of work remains and a lot of problems need to be solved.

Funding Agencies

This project is supported by the National Science Foundation and National Center for Supercomputing Applications. Any opinions, findings, and conclusions or recommendations expressed in this material are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the views of the National Science Foundation.

  • NSF NeTSE 1012194 (Exploiting Multi-Modality for Tele-Immersion)
  • NSF NeTTS 0964081 (Modeling, Design and Evaluation of P2P Real-Time Streaming Networks)
  • NSF SGER 0840323 (Exploration of Distributed Creativity in Multi-Site 3D Tele-Immersive Spaces)
  • NSF CSR 0834480 (VIEW-CALL: View Control Management in Geographically Distributed Tele-immersive Environments)
  • NSF CSR 0720702 (H-Media: The Holistic multistream environment for distributed teleimmersive applications)
  • NSF SGER 0724464 (Interactive Choreography in 3D Tele-Immersive Spaces)
  • NSF SCI SGER 0549242 (Experimentation with TEEVE Tele-immersive Infrastructure)
  • NSF NeTS 0520182 (Application-level Broadband Protocol Framework for Multi-camera 3D Video Delivery)