Timely and Trustworthy Curating and Coordinating Data Framework

Project description

The Timely and Trustworthy Curating and Coordinating Data Framework (T2C2) project aims to dramatically reduce the materials-to-device process, which can currently span 20 years. Through the DIBBs program, funded by the National Science Foundation CISE Directorate and their Advanced Cyber-Infrastructure Division (ACI), we propose a data acquisition and analysis framework for materials-to-devices processes, named 4CeeD, that focuses on the immense potential of capturing, accurately curating, correlating, and coordinating materials- to-devices digital data in a real-time and trusted manner before fully archiving and publishing them for wide access and sharing. In particular, 4CeeD consists of: (i) a curation service for collecting data from experimental instruments, curating, and wrapping of data with extensive metadata in real-time and in a trusted manner, (ii) a cloudlet for caching collected data from curation service and coordinating data transfer with the back-end, and (iii) a cloud-based coordination service for storing data, extracting meta-data, analyzing and finding correlations among the data. Our evaluation results show that our proposed approach is able to help researchers significantly save time and cost spent on experiments, and is efficient in dealing with high-volume and fast-changing workload of heterogeneous types of experimental data.

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